Monday, October 8, 2018

Bill Baynes is a local author who does excellent work building and maintaining a writer's community. I heard about his new book at the California Writer's Club meeting and jumped at the chance to review it.

Tokyo, 1945. A Japanese boy too old for his years, a survivor of the American firebombing, dares to cross the wasteland where he saw thousands burn to death, and approach the occupying forces to get food for his family. A young Navy lieutenant, proud of the Allied victory but appalled by the devastation he sees across the city, cares enough to help. As post-war pressures mount between the two cultures, he becomes entangled in the lives of the boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother.

It's an adult historical fiction that moves a good clip. Excellent portrayal of the ruins left by the incendiary bombing and the hardships of the people who had to negotiate losing the war. A young American naval officer entangles himself in the lives of three survivors trying to find his own humanity.

A quick read, I didn't put it down (well, after I wrestled it away from my wife).

It's a compelling story, but I found the emotions muted for such a life and death story. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about the early parts of the occupation. 

Sold at Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

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