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System of a Villain

MURDER AND ARSON AT SAN JOSE. – We are indebted to the indefatigable Mr. Hackett, of Berford & Co.’s Express, for the interesting items of news from San Jose, furnished below: – On Sunday night last, at Digby Smith’s Ranche, were found the bodies of three murdered men, two of them proving on investigation, to be Digby Smith and partner, each pierced with two balls, and the third, a stranger, having his head split open. The house was burned down, and it is yet unknown if robbery was also committed. It is surmised that the stranger was one of the attacking party, and lost his life in the struggle that ensued. Mr. Smith was from Burlington, N. J., and was the cultivator of an extensive farm about two miles this side of San Jose.
The store of Baker & Co. was robbed last week during the middle of the day, while the clerks were at dinner. We are not informed of the amount abstracted.
It cannot fail to be noticed that there are many most desperate characters in the country, who, failing to realize their expectations in the mines by honest labor, are determined to grasp the earnings of other men at all hazards. It has been observed that at one period most of these outrages were committed at the North, about Coloma and that region; then they became frequent at Sacramento, were known here, and now they have passed to the southward. It cannot be doubted that there is in this country more than one systematic gang of villains, whose actions thus far can only be traced by the bloody stains they have left after them, and whose extirpation is only to be effected by a better organization of police throughout the country than we yet possess
Daily Alta California
Volume 2, Number 9
18 December 1850

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