Monday, July 27, 2015

Suffrage in the Sandwich Islands

The right of suffrage having been granted to the people residing in the Sandwich Islands, an election is to lake place on the first Monday in January, for members of a Legislative body, termed the Parliament. The Honolulu Times congratulates its citizens upon the attainment of this great privilege, and hails the event as auspicious for the future growth and prosperity of the country. We have not seen the law prescribing the right of suffrage, and do not know precisely how far it extends, but believe that it embraces all, both native-born and foreign, who have resided in the Island for a specified period. An adopted Hawaiian writing upon the subject, says that this is the long wished for opportunity to engraft a vigorous shoot of Anglo-Saxon energy upon the less thrifty tree of Hawaiian Legislation, and that it is sincerely to be hoped that the friends of progress will not supinely suffer the precious time to pass without taking some vigorous steps in the matter.

Sacramento Transcript
Volume 2, Number 30
28 November 1850

Good start guys, right up until you started engrafting things. 

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