Friday, July 24, 2015

Quite a village


A letter in the Placer Times dated Logtown, El Dorado county, gives rather favorable accounts of Grass Valley, whence the Indians were driven by by the Army of Invasion in the recent war. He says that the placers in Grass Valley are promising. Of Logtown he says,
The miners here are doing a good business. It is estimated that in this valley – about three miles in length – there is already dirt thrown up which will yield from 3 to $500,000. I should judge there were about 1000 men engaged, and to whom this amount will fall. Almost all are now engaged working. Logtown is quite a village; I suppose there are not less than 20 stores, two blacksmith shops, two taverns, shoemakers, bakers, carpenters, and one gambling house – this last house, however, does but a limited business, there being but a comparatively few miners green enough to “buck up” to monte or other games. Eucre, ten-pins, and old sledge constitute the principal games in this Burg. We have preaching here nearly every Sabbath and always a good attendance.
Daily Alta California
Volume 2, Number 11
20 December 1850

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