Friday, July 24, 2015

A Hell of an Ending

An Amusing Lawsuit.
A Mr. Smith, author of "Stanfield Hall," and a writer of some repute in England, was recently sued by a London publisher for unfaithfulness to his engagements. It seems that Mr. Smith, being employed in writing a novel for said publisher, stopped midway, refusing to complete his task. Lord Campbell asked if the tale was discontinued before the hero and heroine were married. Counsel for plaintiff replied that it was after the marriage, but the author not knowing how to dispose of the dramatis personae. blew them all up in a steamer! ... The publisher said that his readers did not like this sudden ending ; but, for our part, we think it quite an ingenious termination, and one exceedingly appropriate in this very explosive age.

Wide West
Volume 3, Number 50
22 February 1857

John Frederick Smith was the author of Stanfield Hall: an Historical Romance , a sensation novel in 3 volumes, but apparently, his later works bore more than a passing resemblance to George R.R. Martin. 

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